Teresa Muñoz

illustrator and design student

Teresa muñoz s.

Hello there! My name is Teresa Muñoz Slater, I'm a young aspiring illustrator based in Santiago, Chile. I love experimenting with different medias and storytelling.

I graduated from highschool in 2019, and I'm currently studying Design in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I've worked as an illustrator via internet with small commissioners for 2 years now.

I work mainly with Clip Studio Paint, but I also know how to use Photshop CS6 and After Effects CC for other type of projects.
Hola! Soy Teresa Muñoz Slater, soy una ilustradora novata de Santiago, Chile, quien le encanta contar historias, utilizar diversas téncnicas y sobre todo, crear.

contact: [email protected] // [email protected]

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